Proving Why You Should Install Electric Hand Dryers Tomorrow

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

You might be back and forth when it comes to deciding whether to install electric hand dryers in your establishment. However, once you know the facts and advantages, you will know it is the right choice. Looking past the initial cost is crucial when it comes to installing an electric hand dryer because it can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. It is also one way to make your business sustainable and show you, customers, you care about the environment and reducing waste.


There are countless benefits to getting rid of paper towels and installing hand dryers instead – one of them being energy efficiency. They are far more environmental than paper towels. The environment and sustainability are hot topics today, and it is important to stay with the trends and work on limiting your landfill ware. You can become a more sustainable and energy efficient business by removing all your paper towel dispensers and replacing them with hand dryers. It is not uncommon to believe you customers will not be happy with the chance. However, the number of sustainably aware individuals is continuously increasing, and they will be happy to see you care about the environment.

Cost Savings

Customers go through paper towels like crazy and not only does it increase the amount of waste you generate, but it also has a direct effect on your bottom line. Installing an electric hand dryer can allow over 100 people to dry their hands at the price of one paper towel. Over time this adds up significantly. When it comes to monetary cost and time cost, hand dryers come out on top for both.

The Options are Endless

There are numerous styles and shapes to choose from including steel black graphite, stainless steel, steel white epoxy, white Abs and many more. Depending on the style of your business you have bound the find the perfect dryer to fit your bathroom or alternative space and even visually enhance it. Electric dryers boast fast dry times, intense air velocity, temperature, voltages and even extreme power.

When it comes to prioritizing the environment and saving you money in the long run, installing an electric hand dryer is a no-brainer. If you are seeking ways to save money, it can be advantageous to install hand dryers which actually cost less than constantly replacing paper towels over and over again. Furthermore, the options are endless when it comes to style and even power allowing you to choose the best dryer or dryers for you and your customers.

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