Preparing Your Commercial Lawn for Summer

by | May 11, 2016 | Construction Tip

One of the most important features of many businesses is the lawn. In fact, a beautiful lawn can attract customers and make people feel welcome. On the other hand, an ugly and unkempt lawn can make visitors think a business is not well taken care of. With summer just around the corner, here are some helpful landscape maintenance tips to give you a more attractive and inviting business during the hot weather.

Poison or No Poison

When July arrives, the insects will be everywhere and this includes fire ants in the South. You have a lot of options when it comes to pest control and your landscape professionals can get rid of fire ants without using poison. In addition, there are chemicals available which have a low impact on the eco system and every business owner should consider these options before using harsh chemicals and pesticides.


During dry times of the season you’ll want to water. However, there is no need to water on days with rain. In the South, summer is a time for rains but it can be dry some years. Ask your landscape maintenance professionals about irrigation systems with rain sensors. This can save you money on water in the summer.

3. Fertilizing

If you have hot weather grass like St. Augustine or Bermuda, summer is a good time to fertilize. In fact, during the rainy season you won’t have to worry about watering after fertilization if you time it right. You also can fertilize your roses in the summer months and an all purpose 10-10-10 will work well.

4. Summer Mowing

Be careful mowing in hot weather. If you or one of your employees does the mowing you should never cut grass too short in summer. It may seem like a good idea because you’ll need to mow less often, but cutting too short can actually harm the grass and stress out the root system. Plus, taller grass can help with weed control. When you cut, never remove over a third of each blade.

5. Mulch

Summer is the right time for mulching. It will help to keep the ground cooler and you’ll need to water less too. Mulch is also good for placing around trees and other landscape features, and you can use decorative bark or rock to upgrade your features and your landscape maintenance professionals have many mulch options to show you.

6. Pruning

If you want beautiful flowers trim them in summer. If not, they will use a lot of their energy to produce seeds. Plus, if you prune the tops of flowers like mums or dahlias, they will bush out and give you fuller plants.

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