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by | Nov 19, 2018 | Plumbing & Electrical

Commercial property owners and property managers know the value of regular maintenance and appreciate vendors that can promptly respond to emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can not only be a hassle but can cause significant damage. In cold climates, urgent plumbing problems are often the result of frozen pipes. However, problems with older pipes can occur in warmer climates. Depending upon the water quality and its mineral composition, water can rust out pipes and contribute to buildup over time. A commercial plumber in San Marcos CA can help address these concerns and provide routine check-ups. Contact us for more details.

Commercial Buildings

The maintenance needs of commercial buildings are often greater due to size and use. Property managers typically see multiple tenants occupy available spaces in shopping malls and properties zoned for commercial use. The tenants’ lease stipulations require property managers and owners to maintain certain aspects of the building’s facilities. The building’s plumbing usually falls under the responsibility of the landlord. When plumbing breaks or needs to be repaired or replaced, the property owner must act swiftly to prevent loss to the tenant. Although property damage is sometimes unavoidable, the goal is to prevent loss of business or sales.

Plumbing Vendors

Consequently, property managers and owners rely on plumbing vendors to address major problems. A commercial plumber in San Marcos CA can provide routine maintenance, repair, and emergency replacement services. Some commercial property management companies employ in-house maintenance staff, but vendors are often better equipped to respond to critical situations. Property managers can check with local chambers of commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and industry contacts for recommendations. Many companies will secure an ongoing contract with a vendor. This saves the manager time when dire situations come up.

While plumbing infrastructure does not fail within a single property every day, certain conditions can cause it to fail at inconvenient times. Commercial property owners have a legal obligation to address any failures and problems immediately. The consequences of not addressing plumbing issues swiftly include lawsuits for tenant damages and loss of revenue, and even legal grounds for early lease terminations. Commercial property management companies typically secure the services of a third-party vendor and in-house maintenance staff to address a building’s plumbing needs.

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