Keeping Customers Safe When Waiting For Commercial Glass Window Repair in Germantown, MD

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

When a small business owner has a window pane become cracked or shattered within their establishment, they will want to take the necessary steps to keep employees and visitors safe from harm. There are several ways this can be accomplished. Try some of the following tips to keep those within the building safe when waiting for a commercial glass window repair in Germantown, MD to arrive to fix the pane effectively.

Provide People With Alternate Entry Ways

If the broken window is located in an area near the entryway to the building, it may be necessary to use other ways to get inside. Alert employees that they will need to use another way to get into the building until the glass is effectively repaired they can then direct visitors to other doorways if necessary.

Use Signs To Alert About Damage

It is a good idea to place a sign on the front door to alert people who are going inside that there is a window with a broken pane present. Signs can be placed near the broken window itself to alert people in the area to be extra cautious. Send a memo or email to those who will be in the building to alert them of this problem in advance.

Place Barriers Near The Pane Of Glass

Use pieces of yellow tape to block off a hallway or the immediate area in front of the broken pane of glass. This will be likely to be noticed by those walking through the area, helping them to steer clear of the damage as a result. Cones can also be placed near the window to make the area stand out even more. Someone can cover the pane of glass with a piece of cardboard so no one is at risk of getting injured by a shard of glass as well.

When there is a need for a company to do a commercial glass window repair, it is important to find a service that will arrive promptly. Contact Action Glass Inc. today to find out more about the process conducted in repairing a window or to get pricing information.

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