Items Contributing to the Need to Inspect Residential Roofs in Weatherford, TX

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Roofing

Roofing provides the last barrier between the outside and the inside of the home. Once it is compromised, energy can leak out through the holes. Water can also start getting in and causing major damage. While storms can potentially compromise the roof, there are other items contributing to damaged roofs. These are the situations in which to get the roof inspected.

Age is one of the biggest contributors to roof damage. Over time, the roofing materials no longer have the ability to stop the rain. All of the weather exposure will take a toll. Since most residential roofing in Weatherford TX only lasts an average of twenty years, an inspection needs to be done when the material is getting close to that age. The roof material can deteriorate rapidly once its natural lifespan has been reached.

Poor construction of the roof will also take its toll. Poor construction is identified by layers of roofing material placed on top of layers. It can also be spotted if leaks develop well before the natural lifespan has been reached. While a roof inspection is critical upon purchase of a new home, these items are not always readily apparent. If shoddy workmanship is suspected, the roof may have to be completely redone instead of temporarily patched.

Animals are another contributor to roof damage. For some animals, the roof is the safest place in which to build a new home. The animals may physical claw up shingles or loosen fastenings. They can cause backups in gutters which lead to intense water exposure. They can destroy screens and vents which may compromise the flashing material. If animals have gotten into the home through the roof, some part of it has been compromised. An inspection of the residential roofing in Weatherford TX will be needed to identify where the damage has been done.

Roofing material is still vulnerable to many different types of attacks. While storms cause a lot of damage, age, bad construction and an invasion of animals can contribute to a roof compromise. If any of these problems are suspected, a roof inspection should be conducted as soon as possible. Get more information about inspections or repairs on roofs.

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