Important Considerations When Hiring Commercial Landscape Companies

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Landscaping

Commercial property managers and owners should have a focus on the scope of services provided, the capability and expertise of the company and the equipment and professionals offered when they compare different commercial landscaping companies.

There are many different types of commercial landscaping companies, and it can be very difficult to tell much about a company from a website. However, by asking a few strategic questions and completing some research on the service provider, it will be evident if the company has the ability to provide the services required to the standards expected.

The Capability of the Company

The capability of a commercial landscaping service to meet the immediate and the ongoing needs of the property is an important consideration. Look for companies with in-house expertise and professionals to complete landscape design, providing installation and then also continue to maintain the property.

Equipment and Expert Crews

A very significant difference between residential and commercial landscaping services is the type of equipment used. Commercial landscapers use larger, more powerful mowers, edgers, and other specialized equipment.

They also bring in crews of experienced, trained staff to work on large properties. This allows for the minimum disruption to the property with the option to work with your scheduling requirements for mowing, edging, pruning and other services required. This can be particularly important for properties around hospitals, schools, professional offices as well as hotels and resorts.

Expertise and Solutions

When considering commercial landscaping companies, always look to the additional services they provide over and above the basics. There are companies with experts and solutions for drainage, irrigation, landscape design, tree care and other specialized services.

These additional services allow the customer to work with one landscaping company. Not only does this provide for better overall care and maintenance, but it also saves the customer time, money and stress in trying to manage multiple service providers.

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