Guide to Roof Installation in Honolulu

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Hawaii residents rely on home roofs to keep their property protected from the elements. They hire roofing contractors when they need a roof installation in Honolulu. A skilled and reliable roofer will complete the job well, and a homeowner will have lasting results for years to come. If homeowners do not take their time to properly research roofers, they run the risk of choosing an unskilled roofer who could end up making a costly mistake for the homeowner. A very low estimate may end up costing more in the long run. Follow these suggestions to avoid hiring an unreliable roofer for the installation project.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Roofers who have done excellent work in the past are likely to continue to provide excellent service to their customers. Talk to neighbors, co-workers, and friends about contractors they have used in the past. Learn about their experience and discuss whether they are happy with the roof installation and if they would use that roofer again. Read reviews from past customers on websites such as Google and Angie’s List, paying particular attention to those mentioned multiple times. Contact the Better Business Bureau to ensure there have not been any claims filed against any of the recommended contractors.

Licenses & Insurance

When looking closer at roofing contractors, be sure to hire only contractors who are properly licensed and have adequate insurance coverage. Roofing work can be dangerous, and a homeowner runs the risk of financial liability if there is an accident during the installation project and the roofer does not carry adequate insurance coverage. Homeowners need to protect themselves and verify any contractor hired has an appropriate liability insurance policy.

Written Estimate

Reputable contractors provide written estimates to potential clients. Ask for a written estimate that details the costs for both roofing materials and labor. Additionally, ask for a projected timeline for the project to be completed. When comparing estimates, do not assume the lowest price will be the best value. Carefully evaluate all estimates to see which contractor will provide the best value overall. Additionally, compare any warranties offered. Most manufacturers offer a warranty on their materials, but the warranties can become void if a mistake is made during the installation. Some contractors will stand behind their work and offer labor warranties, as well. Visit for a free estimate or more information about a roof installation in Honolulu.

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