Your Guide to Creating a Commercial Landscaping Schedule

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Are you trying to plan ahead for the coming year and make a commercial landscaping schedule for your property? Here is a guideline to help you choose which tasks to schedule and when, so your landscaping team can give you the gorgeous grounds your business deserves:


The first task of spring should be having your property cleaned. Over the winter, debris can accumulate as snow and windy weather toss leaves and bark everywhere. Have this taken care of first to start the year off right.

Other tasks for in spring include:

  • Fertilize your gardens and grounds
  • Aerate your grounds
  • Introduce herbicides if needed


As summer dawns, you will need to watch for the larvae stage of many beetles – also called grubs – which may show up to munch on the roots of your grass and plants. Weed your gardens and begin having your grass cut to stay ahead of the fuzzy look that early summer can bring.
Other tasks to take care of in summer include:

  • Mower maintenance, if you own your equipment
  • Sprinkler upkeep
  • Stay on top of watering your grounds, but don’t go overboard
  • Set up a schedule for raking, if not performed along with mowing


In early fall, you’ll find the best temperatures to patch up broken or bald spots n your grounds and begin preparing for winter. The rest of autumn should generally be spent maintaining your grounds as usually and keeping them free of fallen leaves and other autumnal debris. Fertilize your gardens once more before winter sets in, so that your plants will be ready to get a jump on spring growing once the temperatures rise again next spring.

Some of these tasks can be handled by you or your staff, but for maintaining a year-round commercial landscaping schedule, contact your local landscaping professionals. They’ll help you keep your grounds looking great from spring to fall and every day in between!

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