Give Laminate Flooring Consideration For A Home Renovation In Phoenix

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Contractor

There are many different products that are made from laminate. When many people think of laminate, they think of kitchen countertops, which is not the same type of material that is used for laminate flooring.

For busy homes, homes with kids and pets, or homes that want to have a stylish and durable flooring option in Phoenix, the new types of laminate flooring are the perfect option. Most people have seen laminate floors in other homes in the area and have probably assumed they were walking on a wood plank, tile or even designer types of flooring options.

Easy to Install

While many people in the Phoenix area choose to have a professional installation of the flooring, laminate makes it easy as a do-it-yourself project as well. The flooring pieces simply click and lock together, and they do not need to be glued together, making it an easy process. Cutting of laminate is also easy, which means no special tools and equipment are required for the installation process.

Lower Cost

Even though laminate flooring can imitate the look of hardwood through to natural stone, it is a low-cost flooring option. The new designs in laminate at Home Solutionz provide variations in the flooring, which limits the prefabricated look that was problematic in the original types of these floors.

Maintenance Ease

For hectic homes with kids and pets, the choice of laminate flooring is also a good option for easy maintenance and cleaning. This flooring option just needs to be swept or damp mopped occasionally. There are special cleaners for laminate, making it a snap to keep it polished looking and shiny.
It is important to avoid any water left on the surface of the laminate, and specifically over the areas where the pieces join together. However, overall this is an extremely durable flooring choice that is a good option for any Phoenix renovation project.

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