Get Total Hardwood Flooring Service in Windsor, CT

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Flooring

With precise, professional installation and the right aftercare, hardwood flooring can not only be an excellent addition to your home but a long-lasting one as well. Investing in professional hardwood flooring service is a great way to maintain the quality of your hardwood floor and ensure its performance for the long term.

Full Service from Installation to Aftercare

Aside from the quality of the hardwood itself, the quality of installation is going to impact how the floor appears and how it performs. To avoid gaps, blemishes, and otherwise dissatisfying features on your floor, it’s best to find a hardwood flooring service in Windsor, CT that can deliver an excellent installation.

This may include the installation of sub-floors and new floor installations; these jobs require leveling and other tasks that are best carried out by a professional installation team.

An excellent hardwood flooring service will not only carry out installation properly but will ensure that everything is cleaned up after completion, leaving no trace of dust and installation leftovers. For a truly satisfying hardwood service, visit us and learn more about how you can get started.

Refinishing and Restoration

Your flooring specialists can make sure that you understand all of the best ways to clean and maintain your floor after installation, but they can also come back whenever you need an extensive restoration procedure.

An extremely useful hardwood flooring service is the refinish, which utilizes highly efficient equipment to rejuvenate your hardwood floor after years of dust accumulation, dirt collection, and other things that have slowly damaged the floor’s appearance.

Your flooring specialists can return for all the buffing, coating, and refinishing services that you need to keep your floor looking excellent. This includes the repair or replacement of broken floorboards, so whatever your situation involves, you can make sure the issue gets resolved.

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