Geofabrics In Sydney: What Are They?

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Geotextiles are sometimes called geofabrics in Sydney. As such, they can be utilised in many types of construction projects and can prevent or eradicate soil erosion. Therefore, they are also designed to make the soil more manageable. You’ll be able to construct a new building or another type of infrastructure in an area where you wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise. The geotextiles are ideal for a variety of things, including landfills, harbours, drainage structures, roads, and more. They’re used in many applications, such as sidewalks, retaining walls, parking lots, sand drainage systems, and many others.

For the most part, geofabrics in Sydney are primarily used for soil improvement so that you can build pipelines, embankments, roads, and more. As such, you’ll find many material types, including open-mesh, warp-knitted, or nonwoven fabrics. The various materials all have their own qualities and characteristics. As an example, they might help to filter, drain, reinforce, separate, seal, or protect. They’re ideal for sealing infrastructures that are made of concrete, which adds a waterproof feature. That way, you can restrict liquid flow to make sure that the water doesn’t go into the ground. Plus, it can be used to repair concrete that has crumbled or cracked.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia has a line of geofabrics in Sydney. The primary product is Aqualiner, and it features a polymer-cementitious coating that bonds to a variety of fabrics to ensure that the liner is waterproof. It’s quite durable and won’t sustain fire, either. Plus, you can roll it out over any subgrades without fear of penetration or other issues. You’ll never need specialty equipment to make repairs or modifications, and the product is designed to last well over 20 years. If you’re interested to learn more, now might be the right time to visit the website at

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