Fire Cleanup: Calling In The Professionals After The Fire Crew Has Left

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

After the fire crew has finally left and you are alone with your home and all it contains, you will probably feel both overwhelmed and relieved. Your Charlotte NC home is still standing and everyone is safe. You are looking forward to getting everything back into shape. Yet, is you want to address both present and future potential issues immediately, you cannot simply set about placing things aright on your own. A fire cleanup is not for amateurs. It is a job for professionals.

A Not So Clear and Present Danger

The fire was the immediate danger. It is now past. Yet, like most powerful forces, the potential exists for more problems. They can attack and harm you, your family and home in three specific areas:

  • Structure and content (of your home and property)
  • Financially
  • Health and well being

This is because, while the fire is over, the remnants remain. Ash and smoke are everywhere. You can smell and even taste them. These residues can and do cause:

  • Widespread corrosion
  • Etching
  • Discoloration

Fire Damage can extend to the rugs and carpets if they have become soaked with water. Water creates its own problems. In addition to the smell, resulting from complete penetration of a carpet, you also have stained walls and water saturated furniture and other items in the home. The inundation of water, if allowed to remain, can produce other serious problems. They will introduce various toxic microbial beings into your home, including mold and bacteria.

Overall, your Charlotte NC home does not seem as appealing as it once was. It lacks the comforting warmth. In some ways, it is even repellant. The only way to get your home back is to call in a fire cleanup crew – professionals trained in the means of successfully remedying the results – both open and hidden, from a fire.

Fire Cleanup Professionals

The task of qualified and experienced professionals is not simply to clean up the mess left behind by the fire and the fire crew in your Charlotte NC home. They are there to address present issues, but they are also there to prevent the occurrence of future problems. Professionals clean up the obvious but also ensure completion of the task in a manner prohibiting the development of further issues resulting from improper restoration practices. This requires extensive experience, knowledge, preparation and skill.

For companies such as H2O Drying Services, fire, smoke and water restoration is not only tackling the obvious damages left behind. It is ensuring a family can live safely and securely in their newly cleaned up home. For them, a fire cleanup is not just a job – it is a service to the community.

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