Are You Due for a Septic Tank Cleaning in Eustis, FL?

by | May 31, 2017 | Septic System Service, Septic Tanks

You must know when to clean out a septic tank in order to avoid any mistakes along these lines. Errors will occur if you schedule cleaning infrequently, too often, to fix a clogged drain field, or before you have an inspection.

Mistakes Can Lead to Major Repair Bills

For example, if you do not schedule septic tank cleaning in Eustis, FL on a regular basis, you are setting up your system for a drain field failure as well as major repair costs. However, you also do not want to approach cleaning too exuberantly. For example, if you pump or clean out the tank too often, you are merely wasting money. While some contractors may advise customers to pump their tanks every one or two years, this type of recommendation is wrong.

Factors Affecting Servicing

Often, the above-mentioned advice is given without considering other details such as the size, capacity, level of use, and age of the septic system. While it is good to play it safe, you still need to make sure that you can afford the service. Generally, a Eustis septic tank cleaning is scheduled every three years. However, you still have to review your tank’s age, size, and amount of use. Just do not go past the three-year period with respect to cleaning.

Sometimes, septic tank cleaning is scheduled to fix a clogged drain field. However, all you really achieve by using this approach is several days of flushing or a couple of weeks of respite before the tank once again refills. You also do not want to schedule a septic tank cleaning before you have the septic system inspected. If this is done, the inspector may not find evidence that the drain field is failing. That is because emptying the tank prevents the inspector from directing effluent into the drain field.

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