Comprehensive Masonry Service in Newton MA

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Masonry service in Newton MA encompasses a variety of projects. Masons are well trained and highly skilled professionals who can repair and restore anything made of brick or stone. Chimney repairs, for example, is a common service needed. They can also install, build, and custom design buildings, walls, bridges, stairways, patios, entryways, driveways, and walkways. Many people associate masonry work with high cost, but that is not the case. Anything built from brick or stone will last well into the future, with very little maintenance required. The processes and methods are more cost-effective than some people realize.

Compared to most materials, the return on the investment is high, and savings in time and money will be enjoyed for decades. An exterior wooden staircase, for example, can warp, become loose, crack, splinter, rot, and break. It will require painting every two to three years, staining to protect the wood, sanding approximately every five to seven years, and still will need to be replaced in twenty years. A brick staircase will last for hundreds of years, not need to be painted, stained, sanded, or repaired, and the only maintenance required may be repointing of the mortar in twenty or thirty years. Building owners can contact us for free estimates, design services, consultations, and repairs. The services cover a wide range of possibilities, and customization will create a one-of-a-kind look that will raise the value of any property.

Restoring brick buildings can be as simple as power washing the surface properly to remove dirt and debris. The process has to be completed by a professional to avoid damaging the building. Too much pressure, for example, may cause the porous surface to expand a little, which would allow water to get inside the brick. it can also crumble the mortar. Another restoration process completed to restore the strength of the structure is replacing some of the mortar. The outer layer is removed to a specified depth, depending on the extent of damage, and replaced with new mortar. It is important in restorations to match the original ingredients and colors of the mortar to retain the natural beauty of the building. Historically accurate materials and techniques, including pre-cast moldings, are also components of Masonry Service in Newton MA.

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