Brick And Mortar Repair And Restoration

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Over time a house may settle, when it does chances are the bricks will crack. There is also the possibility of brick damage from vehicle impact and simple brick deterioration due to constant exposure to the elements. All of these problems can be addressed, after brick repair in Wilmette has been carried out by professionals the results will look good and last long.

  • Determining what has to be done:

The first step in determining the scope of brick repair is identification of the problem. Perhaps you only want to improve the looks of the brick or perhaps there are serious problems such as broken or missing bricks and cracked mortar joints. Serious problems look unsightly; they also can lead to worse problems again if they are not repaired.

  • Matching existing brick:

Any bricks that are broken, cracked or have deteriorated should be carefully removed and replaced with new bricks. Depending on the age of the house, new bricks which are identical to those used may not be available. Contractors who undertake brick repair in Wilmette are aware of this problem and have ways to find the best available match.

  • Mortar repair:

Mortar also deteriorates and falls out as it ages or is damaged. It is of no value to simply replace missing mortar. Old, loose mortar than remains in the joint is first dug out, the joint cleaned and then, and only then, is new mortar put back in the joint. Mortar must be blended so that it matches that which is existing.

  • Expansion joints:

Expansion joints are a standard feature on today’s homes; this was not always the case. Once brick repair in Wilmette has been completed it is a good idea to add expansion joints after the building has settled. Adding an expansion joint is not a difficult task for a professional; they can be cut through the brick and mortar and filled with flexible mastic.

The bricks and mortar are the protective “skin” of your home, to provide complete integrity any damaged bricks or mortar should be replaced as soon as possible after the problem has been noticed.

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