Best Ways to Prepare for New Window Installation in Aurora, IL

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Roofing

Deciding to replace old windows with energy-efficient ones is a wonderful decision that increases the value of the home and lowers energy bills. Once window installation in Aurora, IL, is scheduled, it’s time to prepare for the new windows. Here are some tips to make installation day go off without a hitch.

Make Space for the Installers

There shouldn’t be any items in the way of the windows. Obstructions make it difficult for the installers to do their jobs and could cause damage to the new windows, delaying the install. Homeowners should make sure all furniture, rugs, plants, and other items are removed from the area.

Also, make sure there aren’t any exterior items in the way too. If windows have wreaths, plant boxes, or other decorations, remove them before the installers arrive.

If storage is an issue, some people choose to rent a temporary storage space. These spaces are highly beneficial for homeowners who have a lot of items they need to store.

Remove Window Treatments

The old windows shouldn’t be dressed. Blinds and other window treatments should be removed before the installation commences. However, some hardware might not require removal. Before installation day, check with the installers for a complete list of what needs removal.

Keep Pets and Children Away from the Work Area

When the workers arrive, they don’t want to deal with curious pets or children. Homeowners should make plans for pets and small children when preparing for window installation in Aurora, IL.

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