Advise From A Masonry Contractor In Newton MA On Brick Care

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Using tips from a Masonry Contractor in Newton MA with experience will help property owners care for the brick structures on their property. Water damage is something that can be a problem for bricks. Water that is allowed to work its way into brick and then expand and contract can cause issues. As such, it’s important to actually check bricks annually for any signs of damage. Keeping water from pooling around brick is one of the best ways to prevent water damage. As soon as any damage is noticed, it should be fixed so that it doesn’t get worse.

A Masonry Contractor in Newton MA might have to help a property owner with repointing. Repointing is going to be needed when there is a problem with mortar in the joints. The mortar used for repointing brick can be applied in layers. When the brick is repointed, it’s important to make sure that the new mortar is a match for the existing mortar. An experienced contractor will take some of the existing mortar and do a test in order to find a match. If a contractor isn’t willing to at least take that step, a person should find one who will.

In some cases, property owners might want to remove paint from brick. Using harsh methods to remove the paint from brick can cause some serious damage to the brick. That’s one of the reason brick shouldn’t be sandblasted to get rid of paint. If chemicals are going to be used on brick, they need to be tested in small areas to make sure that there isn’t any damage done. Using too much of a chemical can definitely cause damage. For the most part, paint removal should be left up to experienced contractors. They can also fix any damage that they notice while removing the paint.

Brick is a very durable building material and can last for a very long time if it is taken care of. Property owners can get more information from visiting a website of a masonry contractor. It’s important to have any brick work done by a contractor who is experienced with masonry. Proper installation is one factor that can ensure that brick lasts as long as it should.

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