The Advantages Of Epoxy Floor Coating For Nebraska Homes

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Flooring

Garage floors in Nebraska take a beating year-round. In the cold winter months, you have salt and snow as well as gravel, dirt and mud on vehicles and tires on a regular basis.

As a durable, lifetime option, epoxy floor coatings are the perfect option to keep any garage floor looking like-new for life. Additionally, with the look of granite, quartz or terrazzo that can be customized to your colors and preferences, this is also a top flooring option for a ground level floor or basement.

The Process

Professional installation of epoxy floor coating is the most recommended option with top companies offering a lifetime warranty. The process takes a day or two for most homes in Nebraska and starts with the surface prep of the concrete. For new homes, the concrete may just need to be cured and sanded, which shortens the prep time.

A primer coat is then applied, and allowed to dry. Then a base coat is applied and the polymer chips that create the natural stone look are broadcast onto the wet epoxy coating. Finally, a sealant is applied. This clear coat adds protection to the surface and seals in the chips, providing a smooth, natural stone look.

The Advantages

Once the epoxy floor coating is applied, you have a floor that offers the following advantages:

  • Lifetime protection for the underlying concrete
  • Stain resistant surface
  • Limited need for cleaning other than sweeping or damp mopping
  • Moisture resistance
  • Protection from moving equipment that prevents scrapes, scratches, and surface dulling
  • Full protection from hot tire pick up, which is a problem with do-it-yourself epoxy flooring options.

As a lifetime investment in your home or garage, epoxy coating is the answer. With all the advantages and the choice of professional installers, it is the solution you have been looking for.

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