The Advantages of Choosing Dreamweaver Carpets in Ponte Vedra for a Residential Setting

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Flooring

Carpeting is still the most popular floorcovering for residential settings even though a wide variety of hard-surface materials are available. People love the feel of soft fabric on their feet and the way carpeting reduces noise levels by absorbing sound waves. It also allows for a broad range of design possibilities since it can be purchased in many colors and patterns. Dreamweaver carpets in Ponte Vedra are frequent choices because of their affordability and quality.

A Product for Active Families

The manufacturer of this particular carpet has a goal to make this floor covering ideal for active families and provide a product that resists problems pets cause. Pets track in dirt, leave stains, and create odors. Carpeting that can hold up against the activity of youngsters and the habits of pets is very appealing to families. Being able to easily clean ground-in soil, as well as spilled foods and beverages, is important to homeowners who know these occurrences are going to happen.

A Pet Warranty

Some of the products, as sold by companies like Precision Flooring, even have a comprehensive pet warranty. Pet owners know their animals can be prone to accidents. Puppies don’t quite understand the rules. Old dogs may start to forget or be unable to wait as long as they used to. Older cats might accidentally go over the side of the litter pan. All these animals might get an upset tummy now and then.

The fibers are particularly resistant to staining and won’t change color when cleaned with stronger solutions. Owners still must follow the cleaning guidelines to keep the warranty valid.

A Variety of Styles

Homeowners can choose from a variety of styles for Dreamweaver Carpets in Ponte Vedra. They may be interested in plush, shag, Berber loop, trackless, or another style. They are available in different patterns, each of which can be ordered in numerous colors.

Environmental Considerations

This particular company works on innovations in the manufacturing process that are friendlier to the environment. The process uses less water and produces a reduced amount of greenhouse gases than is normally expected. Visit website to get started.

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