6 Great Things About Continuous Hinges

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Construction Company

If you’re in the market for hinges, you may want to try out a continuous hinge. Also known as a piano hinge, here are a few things you can look forward to when you pick this one for your project.

Durable options

With reputable companies like Amazing Doors & Hardware that sell Continuous Hinges from, you can rest easy, knowing you’re paying for high-quality items. If you want hinges that can easily hold up heavy weight and that are designed to handle extensive wear, then these will fit the bill for you.

Easier cutting

Unlike short hinges, continuous hinges make it much easier for people to cut the hinges to match the entire length of the door. This way, you won’t need to worry about alignment problems. The load on the door is supported, with the load evenly distributed. That’s a convenient solution.

Great value

It’s true that these hinges may be initially expensive. However, when you think about the cost savings you get over the long term, that makes the investment pay back much easily over time, the Facilities Net says.

Less noise

By putting a continuous hinge in place, you can look forward to less noise. That’s ideal for a number of applications and sites. If you want a quiet workplace or property, then invest in these hinges.

Easy installation

This type of hinge makes for easy installation. You won’t need to worry about complicated steps on how to put it on any existing door frame you have. That’s going to be a huge relief for you.

Better security

Because the hinges make it that much harder for anyone to pry your door off its hinges, that could translate to better security for your home. If that sounds good to you, then start checking out options for continuous hinges out in the market.

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