5 Reasons to Consider Professional Commercial Surveying Services

by | May 8, 2019 | Land Surveyor, Landscape Contracting

All of the paperwork for a potential commercial property purchase seems in order and you may wonder why a professional survey is often recommended. Below are five important reasons to consider having the property surveyed before you make a final decision on making the purchase.

Firmly Establish Boundaries A professional survey provides you with the physical evidence that the boundaries listed on all paperwork are true and accurate. Remove the guesswork by utilizing the expert commercial surveying services New York City NY property investors rely on for accuracy.

Locate Rivers, Ponds, or Lakes Natural waterways and bodies of water on your property will have to be treated with care during the building process. You don’t want to end up contaminating the water from building materials and runoff. You also need to keep drainage and flooding potential in mind.

Locate Existing Improvements and Utilities A survey will help you find all installed and established drainage, water pipes, electrical access, driveways and other types of property improvements made since the last comprehensive look. You can better plan any potential builds.

Determine Percentage of Usable Land Not all portions of your commercial land are prime spots to build or use. A comprehensive survey can show you how much of the land is suitable for use.

Potential Use and Zoning The plans you have for use on a commercial property might not meet the zoning restrictions placed on the land by local governing officials. Hire the commercial surveying services New York City NY business owners depend on to get the right information about zoning for their particular piece of commercial property.

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