4 Ways to Avoid Mistakes When Using Construction Services in Kansas City MO

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Construction Company

Building a home from the ground up is quite exciting. From selecting flooring to picking out the perfect kitchen appliances, there are plenty of fun choices to be made. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and lose sight of the most important things about the process. When using construction services in Kansas City MO to build a home, follow these tips and avoid costly issues.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

Many times, buyers see real estate agents as an unnecessary expense when building new homes. They feel they can handle things themselves, and they believe the sales representative in the community will take care of everything. However, those reps work for the developer, not the buyer. Real estate agents work on buyers’ behalf, and because commissions are paid by builders, it costs nothing.

Do Some Research

The research process for choosing a home builder or general contractor is much the same as that for buying a new car. Before selecting a contractor, be sure they’re in good standing with the state and that there are no unresolved complaints or pending judgments against them. Find out whether they use independent subcontractors and verify their bonds and licenses. Finally, verify the type and amount of insurance coverage they carry.

Learn What’s Included

Many buyers think that what they see is what they get when visiting a model home. However, models are full of the latest features, including high-end appliances and fixtures, architectural details, and more. Don’t assume anything when building a new home; ask questions about those add-ons and find out what’s included in the build price.

Schedule an Inspection

Home inspections are not just for existing homes. Most real estate agents will suggest having the home inspected not just after completion, but before drywall installation takes place. As the housing market becomes more competitive, construction services in Kansas City MO is happening at a faster pace, and overworked inspectors may make mistakes. Avoid flaws by having a pre-drywall inspection.

Schedule a Meeting Today

While building a new home is an exciting journey, there’s always the potential for serious mistakes. By following these tips, though, homeowners can avoid the biggest errors and enjoy their new homes sooner. Get more information on the website or call today to schedule a consultation.

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