30+ Year Experience In Facade Restoration And Cathodic Protection Service In Chicago

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

If you’re in the Chicago area needing building or structure restoration and rehabilitation including fragile and sensitive historical landmarks, we can help you with your needs, including cathodic protection service in Chicago, IL.

We at Golf Construction have more than thirty years of experience in this field. That makes your experience with us efficient, thorough and effective.

We’ve done a lot of building facade restorations in Chicago such as Malibu East at Sheridan Rd, Newberry Plaza and the Oakbrook Center. Facade work protects your building exterior from the elements and human activity. This involves repair of damages on mason, terra-cotta and cement facade work and more.

It also means providing cathodic protection service in Chicago, IL, on any metallic structures including reinforcement bars in concrete. This process stops any corrosion occurring though it doesn’t reverse it. A thorough structural analysis should reveal the condition of your property to merit such protection or necessitate replacement by fabrication.

Any metallic structure has to contend with the elements such as heat, cold, wind and rain. It’s what we’ve got a lot of here in Chicago, the Windy City. That’s why corrosion is always happening all the time unless we give these structures protection that prevents electrolytic moisture from condensation to act on the metal.

Business Name has had extensive experience in providing cathodic protection on sensitive and landmark structures. We know how we can best help you. Give us a call at 219-933-3420 for more information!

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