3 Signs of Impending Garage Door Spring Repair in Sanford, FL

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Garage Door

The most important part of a garage door is its springs. These springs are responsible for opening and closing the door. When these springs aren’t in their best shape, the garage door won’t function properly.

Here are 3 signs that it’s time to call for garage door spring repair from Sanford, FL, garage door companies.

Door Opens Slowly

Garage doors attached to automatic door openers that are slow to open or only rise 6 a few inched before stopping should have their springs checked. When springs are broken, the garage door won’t lift the door at normal speeds. Although this can be quite frustrating, it’s a feature that protect the garage door from damage.

Gaps in the Spring

The spring is located above the garage door and visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, homeowners notice a gap in the spring. This is a sign that the spring needs replacement.

Jerky Motions

When a garage door spring breaks, the door might fall faster than usual when using the garage door opener. This happens because the door has become unbalances. Sometimes, the motion is jerky.

Jerkiness is common in situations where there’s a double-door that operates using two springs. The jerky motion happens because one spring has broken, but the other one is still working and trying to lift the door.

Homeowners who notice any of these problems with their doors, should call for garage door spring repair from Sanford, FL, professionals right away. Contact Business Name today for professional services in Sanford.

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