Waterproofing A Crawl Space

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

A crawl space, hidden underneath the floorboards of your house, is a place rarely visited. Although this is the case, the crawl space is not something that should be in the “out of sight-out of mind” category. A poorly maintained crawl space can attract unwanted visitors. These include insects, rodents, and worst of all, termites. Water in the crawl space will soon breed mold and mildew, which will eventually have a detrimental impact on the structure. Any air from the crawl space that enters your home will be laden with mold spores, which can lead to health issues such as allergies and other respiratory problems.

Crawl space waterproofing is important:

If you notice an increase in your heating and cooling bills or the smell of mildew or water in the crawl space, you need to arrange for crawl space repair in Barrington. A crawl space that is neglected can cause many problems, from vermin and mold growth to structural damage.

There are things that can be done to control and eliminate these problems:

  • Sump pump: Installing a sump pump in the crawl space is effective. The pump will collect and drain away groundwater.
  • Weeping tile: Weeping tile works in tandem with a sump pump. A trench is created around the crawl space; the weeping tile is laid in the trench and covered with a layer of pea gravel. Any water permeates the gravel, enters the tile, and is directed to the sump pit.
  • Crawl space encapsulation: Crawl space repair in Barrington is more than a sump pump and weeping tile. The crawl space should be totally and permanently encapsulated. Polyurea insulates against the ingress of air, radon gas, and dampness. The ultimate solution to crawl space moisture protection is to encapsulate it fully; the crawl space can even be used for the storage of rarely used items without fear of damage or corrosion.

A well-sealed crawl space will effectively prevent moisture, insect and rodent infestation, save you money on heating and cooling, and improve the air quality in your home.

If your crawl space is always damp and home to insects and other vermin, crawl space repair in Barrington is something that needs to be done. Crawlspace encapsulation by Nu-Crawl Seamless Crawlspace System is the perfect, permanent seal.

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