The Epoxy Garage Floor Process in the Roseville, California Area

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People that are looking to do something unique for their garage floor should consider getting an epoxy garage floor in Roseville, CA. Epoxy garage floors are unique, can come in many different designs. Garage door owners that choose to have this done, may be curious about the process.


A moisture primer is placed down first. This primer will help to prevent flaking and peeling that occurs with other types of flooring as the floor ages.

Solid Stain Coat

The next thing to be applied will be a solid stain coat. This coat of epoxy helps to create a surface that does not have any gaps or imperfections. If this coat is not done, the floor will not look as good in the future.


The next process in getting a epoxy garage floor in Roseville, CA is that the garage owner will need to choose the colors and design that they want. Since there are many possibilities, the garage owner will want to take their time in choosing the right look for their garage.

Seal Coats

At least two seal coats will be placed onto the epoxy. This helps to create a seal that will allow the design and floor to stay in excellent condition for many years.


The final step is that grit will be added to create a slip resistant finish. After this, the homeowner will be shown the floor. Cleaning instructions and upkeep will be given at this time to ensure that the flooring lasts for many years.

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