Knock It Down, Take It out, and Remove It: Demolition in Fort Myers, FL

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Looking for a demolition contractor in Fort Myers, FL? Removing any building is a process, no matter where you are or what kind of building you want removed. However, hiring a good demolition contractor is a start.

Getting the Permit and Setting up the First Strike

Believe it or not, demolition does require a permit. Typically, your demolition contractor in Fort Myers, FL will get the permit for you once you hire him. After the permit is secured, the crew comes in and the first wrecking ball strike or front loader push starts. If your building or other structure is really old, there’s a good chance it will topple like a house of cards and clean up faster than you expected.

Cleaning up After the Demolition Is Complete

After tearing down, knocking down, and leveling a structure, there’s a lot of debris. Your demolition contractor will not leave that on the ground unless you actually requested that the debris be left.

A dump truck or two comes in while the front loaders and backhoes scoop up the rubble and dump it in the backs of the dump trucks. The dump truck drivers will haul it away and dispose of it according to local statutes.

What the demo crew won’t do is level the ground after the demolition cleanup. It’s not generally part of the demo process. If you do want the ground leveled where the building once stood, make a special request. Contact The Impact Group via