Major Types of Industrial Cranes You Should Consider for Your Next Project

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Cranes are common in the United States and employ more than one million people in the construction industry. However, just like cars, cranes also exist in different types with specific job capabilities. This post will explore the different types of cranes to help you know which one you should use for your job.

  1. Bridge Crane

Also known as the “All Terrain” crane, this industrial crane can lift and transport heavy loads that might be hard to reach with ordinary cranes. This crane has a hoist trolley and is introduced to cantilever loads. The hoist trolley pulls the loads up and transfers them to the ground, making this crane easy to use on bridge construction or in temporary structures.

  1. Aerial Crane

This crane is usually used to lift heavy loads, such as building materials, vehicles, pipelines, and other structural materials. The aerial crane can also build structures such as bridges, water towers, and light towers. It can also be used to transport or load construction debris to inaccessible areas.

  1. Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are used in construction and mining sites. These industrial cranes are usually used for heavy lifting at high altitudes. A crawler crane is a mobile crane that runs underneath the load it carries via tracks. Other types of cranes worth noting include:

a. Mini Crawler Cranes

b. Submersible Cranes

c. Bucket Cranes

d. Telescopic Tower Cranes

e. Air-Lift Platforms

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