Three Signs That You Need Roofing Services in Saline, MI

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Usually, it takes a leak to make people aware of roofing issues. But, don’t wait until rain is falling inside your home to check on the condition of your roof. In most cases, a new roof should last about 25 years. If you don’t know how old yours is, then it might be time to check for the following warning signs that it may be in need of repairs.

Look at the Shingles

One easy way to see if you need roofing services in Saline, MI, is to check your shingles. They should lie flat, not stick up from the roof. If you notice shingles are cracked, buckled, or missing, your roof needs some basic repairs. Also, check the gutters for roofing granules, these tend to fall off more as the roof gets older.

Check the Flashing

Skylights, vents, and chimneys all have flashing around them to keep water from leaking into your house. In older homes, this flashing is likely made from tar or roofing cement. If the seals look cracked or broken, you should upgrade them to a metal system that will last longer.

Visit the Attic

If your house has an attic, grab a flashlight and pay it a visit. If you see daylight coming through the boards or dark streaks or stains on the ceiling, your roof has some damage. Dark stains are signs of water damage and an indicator that roofing services are needed immediately.

What You Should Do If You Find Signs of Damage

Make a list of the damage you found and where you found it at. Then contact a roofing company, such as Diversified Roofing. Most companies offer a free inspection. A trained technician will come to your home and verify the damage that you found. They may also find other signs that you missed. After their inspection, ask for an estimate for what the repairs will cost.