Concrete Contractors in Champaign, IL Explain the Benefits of Using Concrete Paving

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Concrete contractors in Champaign, IL emphasize that concrete is more resistant to surface deformations than asphalt and that its weight distribution is spread out more evenly. By using concrete, you only spend 10% more than if you choose asphalt. However, this does not mean that you should not consider asphalt. Both concrete and asphalt have their benefits and drawbacks.

Rigid Pavements and Flexible Pavements

According to concrete contractors, concrete can be made into a rigid pavement or a flexible pavement. When concrete is flexible, it is used more often and the traffic increases. Also, maintenance is needed less often.

A rigid concrete pavement offers a better road surface and reduces braking distance. Therefore, this type of pavement is suitable for long stretches of road. Rigid concrete pavements help motorists maintain a constant driving speed, which also enables them to enjoy gas savings of as much as 15%.

Energy Savings

Concrete contractors add that concrete reflects light better than asphalt, which reduces the need for street lighting by up to 37%. Concrete pavements absorb less heat than asphalt pavements too and therefore don’t cause car air conditioners to run as hard.

Who to Contact About Concrete Pavement Upgrades

You can see why concrete is a preferred paving upgrade. Not only does the material resist the elements but it also distributes light better on the roadway. Because it absorbs less heat, it causes motorists to save money on their AC use. Find out more about using concrete as a paving choice now. Contact Business Name for further details.