Your Roof Does More Than Keep You Dry

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While it is true that having a good strong roof over your head will help keep your family dry and safe from the elements–it can also save you money. If your roof needs repair or replacement, then most likely it is causing your monthly energy bills to rise. If the inside of your home isn’t protected completely from the outside by its walls and roof, then they are not doing what they were designed for and costing you money..

How Your Roof Is Costing You Money
When a roof has holes or has become degraded in either its upper or undersurface, then air is slowly being released from the inside. This results in your furnace and/or air conditioner having to work more to keep the house at a constant temperature. The more electricity you use with them constantly running, the more you are spending every month. A new and properly insulated roof helps maintain the temperature in the home, saving you big on your energy costs.

What Are Some Roofing Issues That Cause You to Pay More Than You Should?
There are many problems that occur with your roof that can result in heat leakage. These can range from a particularly bad storm lifting shingles to cheap materials that a roofer uses. Some common issues that have been found to raise energy costs include:

  • The quality of the insulating materials being poor
  • The underlayment of the roof wearing out
  • Bad ventilation
  • Low-quality roofing materials used or improper nail placement
  • The roof being installed improperly

The Solution–Contact a Reputable Company Known for Roofing in St. Augustine
All of the above listed issues can be easily fixed by contacting a company like HW Roofing. Their years of experience in the field will be able to make sure your roof is high-quality and your monthly energy bills stay in check.

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