Advantages Of Security Window Screens

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Many break-ins require some force to be able to get inside, such as kicking down the door or breaking windows. Many people are worried that intruders will force their way inside, especially when they’re not home. However, with a few simple security window screens, you can protect one of the weakest entry points of your house.

You may also enjoy leaving the windows open while you’re at home to promote a fresh breeze, but may be worried that burglars can get inside. However, a screen that is more durable than traditional versions will ensure that you remain protected. Security screens are built tough, tough enough to stand up to intruders.

Security window screens are designed to blend in with your building and décor. It can look like a traditional storm glass or cloth screen but will be stronger than ever. Plus, you don’t have to deal with unsightly bars on the windows, giving the impression that you live in a high-crime area, and ruining your view. They are made with the highest-quality materials, stainless steel and aluminium, which means they won’t rust or corrode over time. In times of emergency when you need to vacate the home quickly, the windows can easily be opened so that you can escape flames or other situations.

SecureView, now known as CommandeX, offers the highest-quality products with innovation and strength. They are Australian owned to ensure that you get the best items at fair prices. You won’t have to worry that they import the materials or product, which could mean that they aren’t appropriate for your home. They have over 200 licensees throughout Australia, which means you’ve always got a professional who can come and install your new screen. They have many products and brand names from which to choose, ensuring that you can find security window screens that fit your needs, budget, and style preference.