Patch Repair in Angola, IN Saves on the Cost of Maintaining Asphalt

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If you live in the Midwest, you are already aware how weather extremes can affect the nature of asphalt. Expansion and contraction can lead to potholes that are in need of patching. Both hot mixes and cold patches are used in this type of repair.

A Temporary Patch

A cold asphalt patch repair in Angola, IN is considered a quick yet temporary fix. As the name suggests, this type of repair does not involve heat and can be facilitated when the temperature is warm. A cold patch is mixed at the existing outside temperature.

An Interim Measure

A cold asphalt patch repair is indicated for crevices or cracks that are over an inch wide. The patch material can also be used to fill potholes. Again, this type of repair is not permanent. Rather, the interim fix assists in maintaining an asphalt surface until you can use a hot mix.

A Permanent Surface Repair

A hot mix asphalt patch repair is considered a permanent solution for fixing a pothole. This repair option will assist you in maintaining your asphalt for long-term use. If you have the financial resources to maintain your asphalt on your residential or commercial property, you definitely want to patch the surface with a hot mix.

Where to Obtain Information Online

A hot mix repair will keep your asphalt looking in good shape and increase the safe use of your asphalt. If you need to fix your asphalt today but want to schedule a permanent solution in the future, you can get by with requesting a cold patch repair. Otherwise, a hot mix repair is the recommended choice by experts in the industry. Review your options and the services by visiting such websites as online.

Do you have a driveway or parking lot that is displaying cracks or potholes? Take care of the defects now. Otherwise, they will only get worse if you wait.