5 Steps to Hiring a Window Washing Company

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Grime and dirt on your windows can turn potential home buyers away. If you’re planning to sell your property, then the sight of those dreary windows can make customers think twice about stepping inside.

Don’t let that happen. U.S. News says homes in better condition sell faster. If you don’t want your property languishing in the market for more than a few months, then improve your curb appeal. That includes cleaning any dirty windows you might have.

Don’t have the time? Hire a window washing firm in Walnut Creek. Here’s how to find one:

Do a bit of research

Go online and look for cleaning companies in the area. That should give you a few names for your list.

Ask around

Get referrals from friends and family. If you know someone who’s already used window cleaning services in the past, reach out to those contacts. Ask them about their experience to get a solid gauge on whether to hire their old cleaning service or look for a new one.

Do a background check

Don’t hire a cleaning service without knowing about the company’s background. How many years has it been in operation? What about the staff? Do they have the experience to get the job done?

Ask for references

A company that’s proud of the excellent work it’s done will have no problem providing you with an updated list of references. Put that to good use by calling up those numbers. This should help you decide if the company is the right match for you.

Consider ease and comfort

Are you comfortable with the cleaning crew? Do you find them trustworthy or does it feel like something’s a bit off? Trust your gut. If you think there’s something wrong, terminate that business relationship and hire a different window washing firm in Walnut Creek instead.