3 Reasons to Include Blacktop Sealer in Everett Home Paving Projects

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Asphalt is a popular material that is often used to pave Everett, Washington home driveways. Sometimes called blacktop, it is affordable, durable and good looking. However, over time even the most carefully paved asphalt surfaces can develop cracks and become unsightly. That is why clients typically request that contractors like Highline Pavement Maintenance include blacktop sealer in Everett paving projects. Contractors apply the coating after asphalt is dry. It helps to maintain driveways’ good looks, discourage cracks and protect surfaces.

Sealcoating Increases Curb Appeal

Most asphalt driveways have a smooth, dark look that is very appealing. In fact, asphalt is actually porous and contractors use blacktop sealer in Everett projects to create those eye-catching good looks. Sealer gives surfaces a strong, regal appearance that can increase a home’s value and curb appeal. It sits on top of asphalt and creates a layer that stops weeds from breaking through or everyday wear and tear from causing unsightly damages.

Sealcoating Helps to Prevent Cracks

A sealer insulates asphalt from water penetration, which is a major cause of cracks. Rain and melting snow will seep into uncoated asphalt and create tiny cracks. Over time debris collects in them and moisture freezes, widening fissures. Left untreated they can become hazardous potholes which are tripping hazards. Wide cracks can also cause vehicle damage. Sealcoating prevents water from getting through to asphalt. Driveways can be re-coated regularly, to keep them waterproof.

Sealcoating Adds a Protective Layer

Sealing asphalt also helps to guard against sun damage. The same UV rays that harm skin can warp asphalt and cause color fading. Voids on asphalt surfaces tend to absorb oxygen and UV rays. Sealing asphalt also protects it from chemical spills as well as potential harm from gas, oil, salt, and ice. The thick layer of sealant that contractors add will extend the life and appearance of surfaces for many years, which saves homeowners the cost of frequent repairs or replacement.

Homeowners who choose asphalt driveways generally have them sealcoated in order to protect against water damage. A layer of sealcoating also prevents cracks and guards against harm from substances like oil or chemicals. In addition, coating a driveway creates a dark, smooth surface that adds curb appeal. You can also connect them on Facebook.