Consider These 5 Questions When You’re Fantasizing About Your New Fireplace

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Are you thinking about adding a fireplace to your west Michigan home? In Michigan winters, fireplaces are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Over centuries, fireplaces have evolved to include diverse shapes, sizes, uses, and fuels. If you are thinking about fireplace installation in west Michigan, here are five topics to consider before getting started.

What will it Look Like?

Masonry professionals have made it possible for everyone to have the fireplace of their dreams. On a more basic level, however, knowing the classification of your fireplace is the first step to making your vision a reality. Do you have an old fireplace that needs a makeover? If so, an insert fireplace that fits your current fireplace’s aesthetic might work best. Are you looking for a more traditional open-heath fireplace? Perhaps you’re considering a wood-burning stove as a fireplace alternative.

What will it Burn?

With today’s technology, fuel for your fireplace doesn’t have to be made from wood. While some prefer the smell and aesthetic of burning wood, others may appreciate a more environmentally conscious option, for example. There are fireplaces that burn gas, wood, both or are run electrically. Each type of fuel has its unique benefits.

What is Your Local Code?

It is very important to know what is possible in your area because that may determine what options you have. Some residential areas have restrictions on the type of fuel you can burn. For safety purposes, some codes require specific dimensions, firebox specifications, and horizontal/vertical reinforcement structures. Research your local residential safety codes before committing to a specific design. Are there chimney requirements? Should the fireplace face a certain direction?

What are Your Priorities?

Once you know what is allowed in your area, you can combine your dream design with your local requirements and visualize a fireplace that is within reach. Determine your budget and be prepared to compromise certain desires for the sake of safety and code enforcement. Seek the guidance of fireplace professionals to help you conceptualize the most cost-efficient version of your fireplace before hiring a builder.

What is Your Personal Flare?

Last but certainly not least, add some personal flare to your practical design. One way to save money and add character to your design is to use materials that serve multiple purposes. Some types of stone, for example, are slow to heat, keeping the area immediately surrounding your fireplace safe for young children and pets.

With these tips in mind, your fireplace installation experience can be fun and informative. Click here for more information.