Signs You May Need Residential Foundation Repair

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When the foundation of a home is failing, the entire home is in danger of being damaged. It is imperative a homeowner is able to recognize the signs of foundation issues so they will know when they need to seek repair services for their Residential Foundation. With this information, homeowners will be able to understand the signs to look for so they will be able to protect their home against further damage caused by their foundation problems.

When a Residential Foundation is failing, a homeowner will often be able to discover damage simply by performing an inspection on the inside and outside of their home. Stair step cracks may begin to occur along the mortar joints of the foundation. These are caused by pressure and by the shifting of the ground beneath the foundation. While minor cracking may not signal any cause for alarm, major cracks and mortar joint separation should never be ignored.

There are often clues inside a home that should alert homeowners of problems with their foundation. If cracks are occurring diagonally from the corners of windows and doors, this is signal shifts are occurring. Homeowners may also notice:

1. Doors and windows may be difficult to open and seem to have become stuck.

2. Floors may become uneven and begin to slope.

3. The walls of the home may begin to become cracked or bowed.

4. The moldings of walls may become cracked and begin to separate from the wall.

5. The walls may begin to separate from the home, causing major damages.

6. Wall rotation is not uncommon when foundation issues arise.

If homeowners should begin to notice any of these signs, they need to seek immediate repairs so further damage does not occur. In severe cases of damage, a home can begin to collapse because of foundation concerns.

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