Reasons To Consider Complete Bathroom Renovations

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You’ve already decided that your home needs a makeover, and you’ve probably decided to start with the bathrooms first. Most people find that these rooms aren’t adequate for their needs. Whether they’re older without the proper ventilation or just don’t give you the space you want, a complete bathroom renovation will take care of it for you. While a coat of paint can spruce things up, you may as well gut it and start over to achieve the look and style you’ve always wanted.

Repair Damage

Bathrooms are notorious for getting damaged more than other areas of the home. You may have problems with mould and mildew, or something even worse, such as termite damage. Complete bathroom renovations can help to ensure that all the damages are taken care of so that they don’t continue causing problems.

Replace Floors

If you notice that the area around your shower or bathtub seems slightly squishy, it may be time to replace the subflooring and floors. This area is likely to get wetter than others because of splashing and bathing. Plus, when the subfloors are changed, you can put down new tile, or whatever flooring you like.

No Insulation

Again, most contractors don’t think much about the bathrooms of the home, even though it’s where most people spend a lot of time. Keeping the room insulated means that the HVAC system doesn’t need to work too hard. It can also help with getting the moisture out, and decreases the likelihood of problems with mould, mildew, or rotting.

Seal Air Leaks

You probably know that air can come in under door cracks, through windows, and other areas of the home. However, bathrooms can have a lot of air leakage, as well. Again, your HVAC system and exhaust fans won’t have to work as hard because they won’t be fighting the cold or hot air from outside.