Leave Fire Damage Restoration To The Pros

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After the fire has been extinguished and the fire fighters have left it is only natural for the affected homeowner to think that it no further damage is possible. It is possible, improperly performed fire damage restoration in San Antonio can make things worse. Cleanup and restoration after a fire is something that should only be carried out by experienced professionals.

How can further damage possibly occur?

When you are standing in what was once your beautiful home it is hard to believe that things can get worse, but they can. The ash and smoke that is the natural result of the fire will cause significant corrosion and discoloration as well as leave behind odors that will bring tears to your eyes. When professionals that deal with fire damage restoration in San Antonio are brought in as quickly as possible after the fire they can mitigate the problem before it gets worse.

What can you do as the homeowner?

The first thing you can do is call for professional help. There are a few other things that you can do before they arrive:

   * Make sure all the windows are opened; this will help clear the residual smoke from the interior

   * Make alternative accommodation arrangements for everyone, including your pets.

   * As the power has probably been cut, remove everything from the refrigerator and freezer; leave the door open to help eliminate odors inside

   * Call your insurance agent, take pictures of the home and inventory the damaged items

Leave the rest to professionals:

If you don’t know what you are doing you can make things worse and you can also subject yourself to toxic gases. Those engaged in fire damage restoration in San Antonio have all the right equipment to allow them to proceed safely.

Prompt restoration is the key to rebuilding. It may appear that your home is doomed but with prompt, professional intervention you can often rebuild.

If your home was involved in a fire it may be possible to save it with quick intervention. If you find yourself needing a company experienced in fire damage restoration in San Antonio you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling at http://www.shawcoremodeling.com