Issues to Be Anticipate with a New Roof Installation in Waukesha, WI

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New roofs are an investment into the future. While most installations go very smoothly, there are some obstacles that can impede the process. In order to prepare for these items, some of the budget should be allotted. For bigger ticket items, a discussion with the contractor is necessary.

One of the obstacles that can arise from a new roof installation in Waukesha, WI is extreme damage to the plywood supports. Often, this damage can’t be determined until all of the roofing material is removed. Long term leaks will weaken and rot the wood underneath it. Since this wood will have to be replaced to ensure the new roofing material has adequate support, this can add to the overall costs. Plywood damage should be expected if there have been long term leaks or ones that have reoccurred.

Another obstacle that can arise is from the roofing material itself. If a heavier material is chosen such as slate or tiles, the roofing system may not be designed to handle it. Most roofs are designed for standard roofing materials such as shingles. In order to make this type of upgrade, additional supports will have to be added to handle the extra weight. This is one item that really needs to be discussed with the contractor.

The discovery of extra layers of shingles can add time to a new roof installation in Waukesha, WI. Ideally, all of the old roofing material has to be removed before the new items can be placed on top of it. In some cases, this step in the process has been skipped, and new roofing material has been laid over the old. Too much roofing material does not increase the water protection. Instead, it increases the weight of the roof and places a lot of stress on the support system.

New roofs will automatically increase the value of the home. As with any project, there can be issues that are uncovered during the process. This can cause delays with the roofing project. While an inspection may reveal some issues that need to be addressed, other problems may not be discovered until the entire roof is uncovered. Getting them fixed quickly will get the project back on track. Contact website for more information regarding new roof installations.