How To Get A Restaurant Permit in Los Angeles

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If plans are made on building your own restaurant in the Greater Los Angeles area, there are several things that need to be done before construction is started. The process can be long and complicated, so please do not think all of this can be done on one’s own. Let Orchid Construction guide a successful path to getting a restaurant permit in Los Angeles.

1. A permit will be needed from the State ABC-Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The only way a permit is not needed from this department is if there is absolutely no intention of serving alcoholic beverages.
2. Apply for an Environmental Health Permit. This ensures that all necessary safety procedures are being followed.
3. A Conditional Use Permit will need to be applied for. This permit makes sure that the restaurant will be in compliance with neighboring businesses and structures
4. A Building Permit will be needed if construction is to be performed from the ground up or if there will be any major renovations
Here is where it gets complicated. To receive a health permit to finally get the restaurant permit in Los Angeles, all of the following is needed:
1. Existing Site Plan- This is just a basic rundown of how the restaurant is already laid out
2. New Site Plan- A breakdown of anything that is new or has been added
3. ADA Plan- This makes sure that the building is handicap accessible and not in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act
4. Plumbing Plan- Required fixtures and drainage that complies with city ordinances must be installed and properly functioning
5. Lighting Plan- The Health Department requires sufficient brightness of lighting in the work area
6. HVAC Plan- The Health Department also requires an air exchange system be in place

Applying for and making sure compliance is met to be eligible to receive these permits can be a daunting task. They can do all of this to save the stress so that you can concentrate on other aspects or your burgeoning restaurant. Give them a call and they can get started on getting you in business.