Avoid Expensive Building Repairs With Superior Foundation Repair in Daytona Beach FL

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The foundation of a home or building is its most important feature, at least as far as stability goes. One reason for this is the need to spread the weight of the building over a larger area. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong and force the need for foundation repair in Daytona Beach FL. For example, the home could develop a leak that washes out the supporting soil. This type of water damage can also occur if the home doesn’t shed or drain off rain water properly. A steady stream of water pouring off of a roof can move a lot of soil and the longer this problem exists, the more damage that could get done.

One way to notice a fault in the foundation cracks in the walls, around doors and windows or along any brickwork. Smaller problems may be more obvious when the doors and windows begin to stick. Once an expert in foundation repair in Daytona Beach FL checks the home, they will come up with a plan of attack. The most common solution to minor issues is slab-jacking. This technique involves pumping a hydraulic cement under the building. The pressure of the cement fills any voids and raises the building. The strength of the material, once it cures, will provide support. Slab-jacking tends to be the preferred solution because it is much quicker than the alternatives and tends to work well on small to medium sized problems.

If slab-jacking can’t handle the task, then the contractors may recommend piles. These systems use holes in the slab to drive or install the piles in place. The method is used will depend on the type of piles. For instance, one method of application uses various concrete piles that get stacked on top of each other. The piles are designed to be stable and secure. The point to this type of repair is to find stable soil for the piles to rest on. The benefit is that the piles don’t always require bedrock for a strong support. Driving steel piles, on the other hand, usually requires bedrock to support the base of the pile, but this method is rarely used. Please Contact us for more information.